Wind-drawing Installation | Womens Rights

8th of March 2016


Description: Womensrights Project! Wind-drawing installation. Stockings hung among the trees, not at all unlike restless legs, drawing with the force of the wind. The paper's, afterwards, hung to dry and is used as background for a new painting, as illustrated below: Two Feathers.


Don't Mention the War

20th of November 2017


Description: Give your sales commission to charity. Fellow artists and beloved artlovers, lets get together combining artmaking and - selling with the power to make a change, art piece by art piece. we want to start a movement, where we acknowledge the guts and skills we have to illustrate and shape what we see and transform it into positive energy for those who are needing.

Lets start printing Money for Peace.!


Be honest! illustrate, paint, print, draw, sculpt symbols of what you believe is causing the problem to what you wish to help solve.


By using the Tag #Dontmentionthewar on specific works, you tell your buyer that this piece isn't only an art piece but also an active and nice way to support change. You set the % to pass on!

Use the tag to spread the word, and feel welcome to use this nonprofit page as a channel to get your art out to a growing audience. Artists also need to make money!!


We know it is a contradiction to use negative objects, to support a positive change, but we strongly believe that if you want to change anything at all, you have to start by realising what the problem is, before you can start clearing it away.


Stop pretending there is nothing wrong! Instead be grateful to have the skills to make a change, and start doing something about it. NOW.



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